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Tesla Journal Remembering Nikola Tesla
Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain
Total Wellness Diet and Exercise Journal
David and Goliath
Morph Postcard Box
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Art Therapy: Celtic
Marc Marquez Nato per vincere / Born to win
Ultimate Plank Fitness
Tesla Journal Remembering Nikola Tesla
Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain
Total Wellness Diet and Exercise Journal
David and Goliath
Morph Postcard Box
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May 25,2015
Part of Motorbooks publishing program includes titles by and about motorcycle outlaw culture. Although the material is gritty, it is honest. These books play an important role in informing the reading public and - as we've seen in recent news reports - even mainstream media outlets. The May shootout at a restaurant in Texas showed that little is known or understood about outlaw motorcycle-club culture. In fact, the Department of Justice had not heard of one of the clubs involved in these events leading CNN to turn to a Motorbooks title: The One Percenter Encyclopedia by Bill Hayes. Learn More.
May 19,2015
Publishers Weekly reported on the latest craze in publishing with a feature on the popularity of coloring books. Featured in the story was information on The Quarto Publishing Group's coloring book program. Quarto will easily have a million adult coloring books in print this year, with the market continuing to surge, said Ken Fund, president and CEO of Quarto, a publisher of illustrated and creative titles. Those sales are being led by its Zen Coloring Book series, which includes the bestselling Color Me Calm and Color Me Happy, both by art therapist Lacy Mucklow with art by Angela Porter. The books have gone back to press 10 times in the past six months, for a total of more than 275,000 copies worldwide. “We imagined the books would appeal to adults looking to relax. But we never expected the responses we’ve received from people battling serious medical conditions,” added editorial director Jeannine Dillon, who came up with the idea for the series after coloring with her four-year-old son. Learn More.
May 12,2015
With their popularity soaring, coloring books are giving adults a chance to relax and be creative, while reducing stress. NBC Nightly News featured several Quarto Publishing Group coloring books in a May 11 report. The story includes an interview with Quarto artist Lisa Congdon as well as a coloring book group in Chicago. Learn More.


Thriving with Diabetes
Straw Bale Gardens Complete